Haiti Soccer Camps

a group of students from montgomery county, pa at a Haiti soccer campHaiti Soccer Camps provide an opportunity to bond over international soccer, grow through crossing cultures, and if you would like engage in community service. It also provides a chance to experience what playing soccer means in a different culture. Has your soccer team from Bucks County, PA ever played a team with no shoes on? Has your team from Burlington County, NJ ever envisioned losing to kids playing with no shoes on? There are a lot of lessons to be learned on a trip like this.

While kids learn a lot about soccer on this trip, they have the opportunity to learn even more about life. Whether your team is from Essex County, Montgomery County, or Orange County, chances are the kids talk about new cleats in a way that is unimaginable to a talented kid in Haiti. When we complain about the quality of the grass fields, whether in Chester County, Warren County, or elsewhere, it is valuable to understand that great soccer can also be played on a field in Haiti, even if its condition is not what our kids are accustomed to. The nice new uniforms we purchase in places like Union County are not something that can be afforded in many other cultures.

In addition to playing soccer, we can schedule community service during the Haiti Soccer Camps that can include teaching summer camp, teaching basketball, building chicken coops, and more. Few people from Burlington County to Essex County to Fairbanks can relate to the food insecurity that impacts so many Haitians.

While the average Haitian soccer player has a lot to teach others about soccer, basketball is far less common in Haiti. For those who love basketball too, this can be a fun and rewarding way to bond with Haitian children.

Visit Haiti Volunteer Opportunities to learn more about how we can leave a positive impact on the community we are visiting. Whether your group is from Union County, Warren County, or southern California, they can serve in a way that may forever be memorable. When planning your trip, we can create whatever balance you most desire between soccer and service. If traveling with a group that is not entirely soccer players, we can even run both simultaneously.

We plan this trip and work side-by-side with a non-profit in Haiti with a wide reaching program in Haiti. The cost of this trip goes directly to this non-profit to expand their services that they provide with Haiti. Our trip does more than provide an opportunity for sports and enrichments – it allows us to leave a positive footprint on the culture we are visiting. More importantly, it adds resource that can remarkably enhance Haitians lives.

We will also have a market day – in which we visit a Haitian market and break into small groups, each with a translator. Each person is provided with a nominal amount of money, and they experience bargaining at the Haitian market.

Beyond the clear benefits of the daily experiences, your group will bond in a way that is unique to international travel. Some children – and adults – may leave this trip with relationships that can create a bond that would never have otherwise existed.

In Haiti we also stay in a beachfront resort with 24/7 security. And this beach is a long way the NJ coastline or the PA lakes. At the end of the day, your team can relax in the hotel pool or the ocean.

After dinner each night we meet for reflections. We discuss what we learned about Haiti, our team, ourselves. We give deeper examination to what this trip means to our journey, our own personal growth.

This trip includes airfare, transportation in Haiti, hotel accommodations, and food. Typical airport departures can be from Philadelphia, Newark, and JFK – even for those from Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Chester County. We run trips not just out of PA, NJ, and CT – but also from departure cities across the country.

If interested in Haiti Soccer Camps for your players, we can offer trips from anywhere in the United States. There are particularly better deals on airfare if coming from these following locations or the surrounding areas: Chester County, Burlington County, Bucks County, Essex County Union County, Warren County, Montgomery County, and other areas.

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