STEM Trip – Marine Science

Marine Science Conservation in the Dominican Republic – An 11-Day Tour

For those interested in a STEM trip, the environment, snorkeling in the ocean in coral reef restoration, and more, this is a unique opportunity to get a hands-on scientific education while also protecting marine life. On a typical day you may find yourself applying your environmentally-friendly sunscreen, putting on your snorkeling gear, and literally diving into the ocean for coral reef restoration. This 11-day trip is full of marine science conservation projects and education – all while fully infusing a Dominican perspective, even examining how important marine science conservation is to local artists.

a group of youths from montgomery county, pa on at a dominican republic baseball camp opportunity

Sample Itinerary

  • Day One – arrive in the Dominican Republic and tour the local area. After dinner, reflections will cover what we are expecting and what we need to know about crossing cultures
  • Day Two – Coral Reef Restoration 101 and practice. Students will learn how to properly manage coral reef restoration
  • Day Three – Marine Mammal Field Outing to examine the oceanic natural habitat
  • Day Four – Coral Reef Restoration in which students will be in snorkeling gear working on coral reef restoration
  • Day Five – Coral Reef Restoration continued
  • Day Six – Coastal cleanup activities with an examination of its impact on marine life
  • Day Seven – Cultural exchange with the local, Dominican community. This day includes an examination of how marine science conservation is integrated into local artwork
  • Day Eight – Turtle Conservation Education and Action at a Turtle Conservation Center
  • Day Nine – Visit a national park for a guided, ecological hiking and swimming tour
  • Day Ten – Excursion day for hiking and swimming and an examination of how environmental preservation serves the local economy
  • Day Eleven – Depart for the United States

This trip has the power to forever change the way you look at coral reefs, trash, art, turtles, swimming, and more. Whether a school or college group, this tour creates hands-on applications and literacy of the important STEM-related topics we learn about in school.

Teachers and professors spend every day in their classroom teaching vibrant lessons. This STEM trip makes the world an extension of your classroom.

Teachers, college professors, and others who serve as the group leader can have virtually all details of the trip handled by ILI Travel. The group leader recruits students and communicates with them around the trip. We book the flights, hotels, plan the meals, and all details around the trip. And we talk with teachers and professors to learn more about how this ties into the work in your school. All of the details of travel are handled by us, with expert staff in the United States and the Dominican Republic. You, the Team Leader, can focus on leading your team.

While your school or college group are dedicated to environmental sustainability, your group is also contributing to economic sustainability. Your trip helps fund a non-profit organization dedicated to the environment. Your hotel and meals will occur at locally-owned establishments so that the money we spend there stays there. We create local jobs at the non-profit and with locals who are working with our group every day.