Volleyball in the Dominican Republic

One of the most popular sports in the Dominican Republic is volleyball. It is a game played on the beaches and across the country. Bring your school, university, or community team for a chance to play international volleyball.

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Your team will play side-by-side with Dominicans to experience crossing cultures through sports. Beyond that, your team will bond in a way that can only occur through international travel. And if you are looking for a wider array of experiences, we can include time for volunteer work, surfing lessons, zip lining, beach excursions, and more.

Safety is our number one priority. You will have a designated, bilingual Dominican educator with us throughout the trip. We will also have a designated bus and bus driver. Driving in the Dominican Republic has patterns different from the United States. Our bus driver will ensure that we are not crossing busy streets after being dropped off. Our Dominican educator and bus driver stay in our hotels and eat with us in our restaurants. If a problem arises or an emergency surfaces, they are there with knowledge of the closest pharmacy, medical center, and more. When choosing a hotel, we only stay in a hotel with 24/7 security.

Here is a sample day that includes volunteer service.

6:00am: Group-led morning exercise (optional)

7:30 am: Breakfast

8:45 am: Depart for volleyball training

9:00 am: Warmup and exercise

10:00 am: Volleyball skills development clinics

11:00 am: American-Dominican volleyball tournament

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Camp counselors for afternoon summer camp for Dominican children, possible activities include English instruction, games, and beautification of an elementary school or non-profit organization.

3:00 pm: Depart school or non-profit organization

3:30 pm: Surfing lessons (optional)

5:30 pm: Dinner

7:00 pm: Reflections

Our programs ensure that our American players and coaches are working side-by-side with Dominican players and coaches. It is a partnership in which respect is embedded into everything that we do, in how we treat our partners and how we pay our support network. We pay our Dominican staff fair trade wages and stay in local hotels and eat at local restaurants to ensure that the money that we spend there stays there.

Volunteer efforts can include painting a school or community center, serving as counselors at a summer camp, teaching English, and much more. This provides an opportunity to see the real Dominican Republic. When we volunteer for schools and nonprofit organizations, we support local goals for our service. We will ask the school principal or nonprofit leader what sort of volunteer support they need. While our team is coming for the volleyball, some may hold onto the volunteer work as some of their most special memories.

We also ensure that our service creates jobs and pays fair trade wages. At one program we hired not just a Dominican leader but also a local camp director, sports director, and English teacher to lead our volunteer counselors.

We also have a strong focus on economic sustainability. When we choose a hotel, we stay in a locally-owned hotel. When choosing a restaurant, we stay in a restaurant that is locally-owned. We hire a locally-owned transportation company (one which has a record of zero accidents). We encourage our groups to purchase some of their snacks at the corner stores found in many Dominican neighborhoods. We want the money that we spend there to stay there.

We have a deep commitment to developing international relationships through sports. Additional sports programs include:

Each group can tailor their trip to include service learning, and we have lots of varied approaches to service learning depending on our group. We provide a wide array of volunteer and other travel opportunities:

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