Summer Leadership Camp

Support Children and Families Living in Extreme Poverty in the Dominican Republic
Ages 13-18

August 4 – August 17

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Sample Itinerary
Sunday, Aug 4 Arrive and tour Puerto Plata
Monday, Aug 5 Volunteer 9-3 Activity: Zip lining
Tuesday, Aug 6 Volunteer 9-3 Activity: Historical DR: Visit Puerto Plata for Columbus fort
Wednesday, Aug 7 Volunteer 9-3 Activity: Beach day
Thursday, Aug 8 Volunteer 9-3 Activity: Hotel games and activities
Friday, Aug 9 Volunteer 9-3 Activity: Surfing lessons
Saturday, Aug 10 Cayo Arena – snorkeling and swimming
Sunday, Aug 11 Full-day excursion TBD – maybe a boat tour; maybe white water rafting
Monday, Aug 12 Volunteer 9-3 Horseback riding
Tuesday, Aug 13 Volunteer 9-3 Beach day
Wednesday, Aug 14 Volunteer 9-3 Hotel games and activities
Thursday, Aug 15 Volunteer 9-1227 waterfalls:
Friday, Aug 16 Volunteer 9-3 Back to hotel and dinner on the beach
Saturday, Aug 17 Departure

School in the Dominican Republic is only a half-day long, and dropping out is all-too-common. There are efforts to move to full-day school, and we are actively looking for ways to support the academic and enrichment goals of Dominican schools. Summer Camp allows you to volunteer abroad and assist a Dominican community with the support they need.

The results of half-day schooling are troubling. Boys drop out at too high of a rate. Girls as young as 12 can become pregnant and face demands that make continuing with school difficult. Empowering children through service learning not only helps them, but also their communities, and our women’s retreat assists us in better understanding our neighbors abroad.

When we volunteer abroad, we are working with local public schools and non-profit organizations to extend the schooling and enrichment options for these children.

Leave a Positive Footprint

While on this retreat, you will contribute to economic and educational sustainability, leaving a healthy footprint behind you. For us, the phrase “volunteer abroad” means working side-by-side with locals on locally identified needs and volunteering at non-profits and local schools. You will stay in a family-owned hotel and dine at Dominican family-owned restaurants. The money that you spend there will stay in the community we are serving.

We will be working side-by-side with Dominican locals, and we will focus on locally identified needs related to education. There may also be room to help with painting or other needs. We will work with Dominicans leading us in providing English instruction and/or sports enrichment while there. As this trip is a two weeks, Fridays will serve as full-day schooling for some of these kids. Sometimes Saturday provides an opportunity for their families to come and learn English and engage in the activities as well.

In our summer camp, you and your friends will have a bond you’ll never forget.

Dominican Nights

Most trips include staying at a beachfront hotel in a town. You can rest in your room or play by the hotel pool.