Why It’s Better To Volunteer Abroad With Your Friends & Family!

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Are you seeking a volunteer opportunity abroad for you and your family? More and more travelers are deciding to volunteer abroad as a way of experiencing a new culture while giving back to a community. At ILI Travel, we are proud to offer affordable family volunteer trips for those looking to travel with a purpose and community service abroad for teens located near Essex County, NJ.

If you, a family member, or your group of friends has a keen interest in volunteering, you will find that the benefits of volunteering work both ways. Giving back can help you as much as it helps others.

You’ll Have Loads Of Fun Together

There is no greater feeling than joining a movement which is positive and charitable. Volunteer trips with your family or friends will generally involve community-based group related activities. There are plenty of chances to explore the community and socialize as well, all while you’re rolling up your sleeves to accomplish your mission.

It’s An Experience You’ll Never Forget

Family volunteering abroad is full of teachable moments. Among them, the chance to discuss service, giving back, and why helping others is so critical. Volunteering your family’s time sends a powerful message, one that your children will never forget. If you’re volunteering with your friends, your trip will be full of memories that will bond everyone for years to come.

You’ll Develop New Relationships

During the trip, your family will connect with other families volunteering, which gives kids a chance to meet people from all different types of backgrounds and bond over a common cause.

Everyone Will Learn New Skills

Volunteers learn all sorts of different skills during their trip. You’ll learn or strengthen leadership, organizational, communication and people skills. Not only do they learn from their volunteer leaders, but from others on the trip, and from the people they are helping, too.

You’re Making A Difference Together

Whether you’re a camp counselor at a community summer camp, teaching English, or painting and beautifying a school – you will be contributing to better the lives of that community or equipping someone with new skills to improve their future.  

Our day-to-day lives are full of distractions, and often, it seems we are more connected with the world around us than the people who matter most — volunteering abroad as a family gives you the opportunity for quality time while making a significant impact. ILI Travel is here to make organizing family volunteering abroad and community service opportunities overseas for those throughout Chester County, PA, easy and affordable. With family volunteer opportunities, summer camps for teens, and friend trips available in the Dominican Republic, we’ll help you plan the ideal volunteer program to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Not convinced you’re ready to volunteer just yet? Here’s a list of some benefits volunteers bring to communities all over the world:


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